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ICZ a. s.

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We stand among the leading players of the Central European integrated software and network solutions market. We continue to develop our portfolio of products, services, and solutions to meet the needs of all areas of information and communication technology. We offer services based on a wide spectrum of platforms and technologies, including custom-made application development, information protection and security projects.

One of our core focuses is on the defence sector. This is a highly demanding field that calls for specialized expertise and technically unique solutions. In answer to those demands and in line with our strategic goals in the defence sector, ICZ has completed several key acquisitions including the takeover of special information and geographical information systems specialists, defence and security solutions provider, DELINFO. In 2008 we successfully closed the deal on the acquisition of air-traffic control systems provider, ALES, in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

ICZ perennially ranks among the TOP 10 Systems Integrators in the CR and is ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 27001:2005 certifi ed. In addition, our company is authorized by the National Security Authority (NBU) of the CR to handle classifi ed information up to and including the level “CONFIDENTIAL.” Our daughter company S.ICZ is authorized to handle classifi ed information up to the category of “TOP SECRET”.


  • Type of company: Group of companies
  • Number of employees: 500+
  • Turnover: approx. 1,400,000,000 CZK


  • forein representation in the Slovak Republic and in the United Arab Emirates
  • indirect deliveries of consultancy services in information security management systems into NATO projects in Europe
  • partnership agreements with many foreign companies in various areas of development and distribution of products and services


Implementing projects, ICZ cooperates with many reputable suppliers of technologies and services on the base of partnership.

Basic product and service portfolio:

  • complex services in information and information systems security including services in protection of classified materials, which is enabled by interconnection with subsidiary S.ICZ
  • development of applications on a wide range of different platforms and technologies including custom-made solutions
  • network solutions - design and implementation of networks including network systems, as from networks and systems management and subsequently its management and outsourcing
  • public administration information systems - analysis, design and implementation of a solution in a form of supply of technologies or services (e.g. outsourcing)
  • hospital information systems - as from clinical information system through imaging system PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) to connected ERP solution
  • logistic information systems - stock process management including data collection and automatic identification by means of mobile terminals
  • digitization, storage and electronic management of documents
  • services and applications in the area of voice communications
  • air Command and Control Systems
  • ground Forces Tactical Command and Control Systems (GF TCCS)
  • integration of Civil and Military ATC Systems
  • multilateral Interoperability systém for the TCCS
  • systems for analysis and assesment of the NBC situation


Head of the company:Bohuslav Cempírek
Address:Na hřebenech II 1718/10, Praha 4, 140 00, Česká republika
Phone:+420 222 271 111
Fax:+420 222 271 112

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