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REDO s.r.o.

Company profile


The company REDO s.r.o. based in Prostějov has been on the market for textile products for the army, police and armed security forces for more than 25 years. It is an exclusively private company. REDO s.r.o. was founded in 1992 and was one of the first companies in the former Eastern bloc to supply military equipment to NATO countries.

Among clients of REDO s.r.o. there are the military and police forces of Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

Major customers include the German Army, where the company supplies annually thousands of products within several parallel public supply contracts for tactical belts, carrier straps, transport bags and carryalls and similar products. Another very important client is the Austrian Army, where the company has been supplying a large part of the equipment within the framework of public contracts repeatedly since 2004. The company REDO also, of course, supplies the domestic market, both the Czech Army and the Police of the Czech Republic, where the development responds to the requirements of special military and police forces. Last but not least, the company‘s portfolio includes the development and supply for various units of the fast rescue component, firefighters and other services. For these groups, there are separate product lines that are specifically
designed to perform health and asset management tasks.


  • Foundation: 1992


REDO manufactures and supplies mostly textile products such as tactical and ballistic vests, backpacks, pouches, holsters and carrier straps. The core product range that the company is
currently focusing on is a range of ballistic vests. These products include lightweight ballistic vests, heavy ballistic vests, including vests featuring quick-release vests, and ballistic vests with stab protection. All ballistic protection products are subject to thorough development and testing in renowned testing centers both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The company is able to deliver ballistic protection exactly to the customer‘s wishes and choose the appropriate level of protection according to the assignment. Ballistic inserts are normally supplied according to standards used in European countries, such as US Standard MIL STD NIJ 0101.04, Czech Standard ČSN 39 5360 or German VPAM. Of course we also provide other standards according to the client‘s wishes.


  • Army of the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Holland
  • Holder of certificates ISO 9001, AQAP 2110


Head of the company:Mr. Zdeněk Císař
Address: Tovární 582/9, 798 11 Prostějov, Czech Republic
Phone:+420 582 330 912
Fax:+420 582 330 914

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