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Audiopro has been operating on the Czech market since 2002. It‘s authorised distributor for more than 40 international companies of professional AV technology, special products designed for the emergency services and multimedia technology for commercial and industrial use.

By gradually expanding its activities, which to begin with focused mainly on exterior and interior sound systems and studio technology, Audiopro has enriched its portfolio with a wide range of audio/video conference and communication systems including Smart video and cloud services, with so-called multimedia – f.e. projection screens, interactive projectors and various smart products.

Audiopro‘s Special Technologies department provides a key range of products which are targeted mainly at the emergency services and state security forces. These include f.e. Global Surveillance System – real-time video monitoring of air and ground surveillance; SkyRanger – VTOL sUAV; video transmission systems using COFD protocol; wired and wireless full duplex long range intercom systems; wireless sets for covert communication; active hearing protection systems with communication features; emergency evacuation systems for stadiums, halls and buildings; professional optics – cameras/binoculars; alter­native energy supply – fuel cells; multifunctional security transport boxes and 19” racks; etc. 

Audiopro offers full range of services:

consultancy, projects, expert technical supervision, acoustic measurements/studies, system & service support


  • Type of company: Limited liability company
  • Number of employees: 20
  • Foundation: 2002


More than 40 suppliers around the World


  • Communication/data transmission: Global Surveillance System – real-time video distribution and recording system; tactical field deployment and temporary usage, wired and wireless full duplex long range intercom systems; active hearing protection systems with communication features, sets for hidden communication; etc.
  • SkyRanger: Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) sUAV with special features – high wind tolerance, advanced optics.
  • Conferencing: from cost effective up to highly sophisticated audio/video/tele conferencing systems, HD video and audio over IP, wire-less audio conferencing solution for fast deployment.
  • Broadcast: radio, TV – equipment for broadcasting and recording studios, audio over IP.
  • PA systems: sound reinforcement and evacuation systems in public areas.
  • Energy sources: fuel cells – mobile, environmentally friendly alternative energy source.
  • Professional optics: binoculars with night/day vision, image stabilisation and other special features serving the Armed forces, Marine, hunting, etc.
  • Transportation: SKB Cases – special boxes, cases & 19” racks. 


Head of the company:Mr. Andrej Hronec
Address:Lužná 591, 160 00 Praha 6 – Vokovice, Czech Republic
Phone:+420 257 011 177
Fax:+420 257 011 170

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