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DASTA s.r.o.

Company profile


Since 1992, DASTA is registered and protected trade mark and today this company is already a traditional Czech producer. Its main activity is concentrated in development, production and sale of arm accessories – first of all nylon holsters for guns, accoutrement and accessories for armed forces together with accessories for hunters.


  • Type of company: Limited liability company
  • Number of employees: 10
  • Registered capital: 400,000 CZK


The company has direct business relations or it exports own products through domestic business partners into majority of EU countries, East European and Asian countries.


In terms of the production range, DASTA today – with approximately 300 product items – ranks among the companies with the widest offer of this type in the Czech Republic.

Product lines:

DASTA – sport:

  • belt holsters (concealed, flank, double-sided, shaped)
  • shoulder holsters (vertical, horizontal, combined, thumb-break, balance weights)
  • arms accessories (carry and transport etuis) used in civil sector as well as security organizations esp. for concealed gun carry.

DASTA – profi:

  • belt and tactical holsters, and tactical leg harness POLICE and ARMY system
  • TCC/SA-61 tactical combined system for Mod. 61 Scorpion subma-chine gun
  • tactical harness belts for Mod. 61 Scorpion and Mod. 58 (AK-47) submachine guns (also usable even for other types of submachine guns)
  • SECURITY and POLICE tactical vests
  • POLICE and ARMY harness belts
  • complete equipment for police forces (magazine and hand-cuff holsters, truncheon holders for different kinds of truncheons, radio and torch clips, harness for gas grenades and explosive detonators, etc.)
  • holsters for means of individual defence (gas spray, paralyzers, etc.)
  • holsters for means of individual protection (gas mask sheath, bag for protective assault helmets and kits)
  • tactical etuis and bags for rifles


Head of the company:Mr. Karel Staněk
Address:Ke Klíčovu 714/6, 190 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic
Phone:for CR +420 602 174 365, for abroads +420 775 363 289

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