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KOMCENTRA s.r.o. is a system house founded 1991 (using present name since 1997), active in the field of security oriented real-time software and hardware development, mostly for Police, Homeland security service, Civil protection and Ambulance. 

KOMCENTRA team has succeeded in developing an emergency call-centers and communications, command and control concept Maják 158, adopted as national standard for Czech Police and widely deployed since 1995; after 18 years upgraded to next ge­neration system JITKA, deployed nationwide 2013-14 and fluently migrated from Maják158 without operations interrupt, successfully co-operating and sharing common data with relevant Fire Brigade and Ambulance dispatch systems via high performance real-time inter-process communication bus and REST services as needed.

Migration to JITKA at the Integrated Security Center of Ostrava was finalized by the end of 2017.  Yet another JITKA specific implementation, apart from general Police regional command centers, is the communications and command system project for Special Police Units, as Drug Squad, Organized crime, White-collar crime, Border guard, Presidential and Parliament guards, Lawful intercept unit etc, nine services in count, each operating on its own isolated database and securely co-operating with others and general JITKA system with strictly defined inter-operability and controlled selected data interchange and/or resource sharing.


  • Type of company: Limited liability company
  • Foundation: 1991
  • Turnover: 66 mil. CZK
  • Registered capital: 1.2 mil. CZK
  • Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001


Active in EU joint research and development projects as of FP6 (CHORIST) and Horizon 2020 (UMBRELLA).


  • Highly customized software solutions dedicated to
  • Integrated communication, command and control centers for Police and Ambulance
  • Rapid deployment dispatch centers for the field environment
  • Software development - nationwide Police emergency call handling and operations control platform
  • Radio network integration for Czech Police and Ambulance command
  • Communications integration and radio network management (TETRA, TETRAPOL etc.) for forces command and assets control at the incident site
  • Automated vehicle location, fleet management
  • Mobile caller location, GIS integration, resources management.
  • Development of customized hardware and software for VoIP telephony and radio control
  • Interoperability tools for interfacing external systems
  • Software solutions for CCTV and security control rooms


Head of the company:Mrs. Anna Rydvalová
Address:Dejvická 33, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic
Phone:+420 224 318 615
Fax:+420 224 319 559

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