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KOUTNÝ spol. s r.o.

Company profile


Koutný of Prostějov is a company with 23 years of experience making clothing for the armed forces and administrative organisations in European and non-European countries, a field in which high quality of products and materials, flexible delivery and an individual approach are something that goes without saying.

As a result, it has become one of the most reliable suppliers of formal and field uniforms, special-purpose combat clothing, overalls, waistcoats, suits, jackets, trousers and many other products. All orders are realised with the greatest possible care in batches both large and small.

The company engages in continuous technological innovation of cuts, materials and manufacturing processes and implements them in production to ensure the products have the desired quality and properties, which are tested in many different climates and extreme conditions where they are used on a daily basis. Special materials include softshell, antistatic knitted fabrics, Kevlar and 2- and 3-layer laminates with seamed seals and waterproof zippers.

The sewing of parade and formal uniforms that are resistant to crumpling and delicate and pleasant to the touch requires the use of modern cuts, as well as high-quality materials from Italy, France and Spain. Of course, all our products are tailored to the customer’s needs with regard to the cut, design, colour, pattern, sizes and tailoring.


  • Type of company: Limited liability company
  • Number of employees: 100
  • Foundation: 1995
  • Turnover: 15 mil. EUR
  • Certification: ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, AQAP 2110


Realised deliveries within the European Union countries.


Offer of uniforms and professional clothing includes:

  • men’s and women’s jackets
  • men’s and women’s trousers
  • skirts
  • waistcoats
  • anoraks
  • cloaks
  • overalls
  • combat uniforms


Head of the company:Mr. Pavel Koutný
Address:Okružní 4200, 796 01 Prostějov, Czech Republic
Phone:+420 582 302 715
Fax:+420 582 302 710

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