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České vysoké učení technické / Czech Technical University

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CTU offers its facilities for use in research, development and innovation in the EDAP / H2020 / PADR / EDF / EDA programmes, including educational programmes for experts and young scientists in bachelor, master and doctoral study programmes or in lifelong learning.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering CTU specializes in critical infrastructure, robotics and autonomous transport and vehicle systems, materials, material surfaces and other disci­plines, develops aviation technologies and their control and looks for solutions in the field of energy security and healthcare.

The Faculty of Transportation Sciences CTU has smart solutions in transport and logistics. The Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering deals with the problem of sensors that can be used for security and defence purposes. 

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU and the Faculty of Information Technology, among other things, carry out projects focusing on decen­tralized management and control systems, artificial intelligence for security research, agent technologies for large-scale simulations of air operations, methods of game theory and adversarial thinking in asymmetric combat operations, automatic planning and algorithmic game theory, cyber security, machine learning aimed at detecting and classifying dangerous codes in computer networks and optimization methods for structuralization of deception networks (honey­pots). Other disciplines include com­munication and antenna systems and microwave technologies.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU and the Faculty of Architecture CTU in general focus on critical infrastructure, traffic structures and reinforcement of buildings, 3D projection (BIM), resilient building structures, protection of water and watercourses.

In the framework of EDF, CTU in Prague monitors the establishment of PESCO projects and gets ready to participate in the suggested topics where it looks for further possibilities to cooperate with both Czech and foreign companies:

1. European Medical Command; (Capacity of the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering – FBE)

2. European Secure Software defined Radio (ESSOR); (Capa­city of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Information Technology)

3. Network of Logistic Hubs in Europe and Support to Operations (the Faculty of Transportation Sciences)

4. Military Mobility; (the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Transportation Sciences)

5. European Union Training Mission Competence Centre (EU TMCC); (FEE, FIT)

6. European Training Certification Centre for European Armies; (FEE, FIT)

7. Energy Operational Function (EOF); (Centre of Competence – Advanced Technologies for Heat and Electricity Generation)

8. Deployable Military Disaster Relief Capability Package; (the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Archi­tecture)

12. Cyber Threats and Incident Response Information Sharing Platform; (Capacity of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Information Technology)

13. Cyber Rapid Response Teams and Mutual Assistance in Cyber Security; (Capacity of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Information Technology)

14. Strategic Command and Control (C2) System for CSDP Missions and Operations; (FEE, FIT)

15. Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle / Amphibious Assault Vehicle / Light Armoured Vehicle; (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Transportation Sciences)

16. Indirect Fire Support (EuroArtillery); (FBE)

17. EUFOR Crisis Response Operation Core (EUFOR CROC). (CTU Rector’s Office)


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