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GUMOTEX, akciová společnost

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GUMOTEX Rescue Systems is a part of the company GUMOTEX, akciová společnost from the Czech Republic. Since its foundation, this division focuses on specialty products designed primarily for military forces, fire rescue services and other departments within the emergency systems. GUMOTEX Rescue Systems in cooperation with representatives of the armed forces and others is constantly developing new products and keeps on improving existing ones, which help customers in their work. We are always grateful for their advices and remarks, that contribute significantly to the effectiveness and practicality of the final product and its use.

Products of GUMOTEX Rescue Systems assist in saving lives and property during emergencies. The decisive factor is the speed, with which the rescue teams can deploy our products during these situations, and quality of design, on which they can rely. Our products are used not only by members of fire brigades and rescue services, but we also supply the CRA. We believe, that in near future we will supply other NATO armies as well. We pride ourselves on the fact, that our solutions are comprehensive and thoroughly tested by more than 20 years of demanding use.


Since its arrival in the international market producing rubber products and technical foams more than 65 years ago, GUMOTEX has become synonymous with quality and reliability. Our stable position as a re­nowned manufacturer has been reinforced by modern manufacturing technologies as well as by our continual quest for perfection in the area of development. All of the company’s activities are guided by our commitment to preserving health and supporting a modern and wholesome lifestyle, and enhancing the customer’s comfort and safety. GUMOTEX products have found their place in the automotive industry, especially in the interiors of cars and trucks; in the water sports and active recreation sector – e.g. dinghies and rafts as well as in rescue systems for crisis situations – e.g. inflatable tents, flood control barriers, decontamination showers, etc. A major aspect of production is in the area of air-filled systems for a wide range of applications, mainly in the furni­ture industry. 

6 product groups generate almost 2,5 billion annual turnover:

  • GUMOTEX Automotive 
  • GUMOTEX Boats & Outdoors 
  • GUMOTEX Air Chambers 
  • GUMOTEX Rubber & Coatings
  • GUMOTEX Rescue Systems
  • GUMOTEX Automation Technology


Thanks to high-quality of our products, GUMOTEX Rescue Systems is represented, either directly or through its certified partners, not only in Europe, but also on other continents, such as North and South America, Africa and Asia. GUMOTEX Rescue Systems products are thus available to almost all customers around the world.


All GUMOTEX Rescue Systems products have one common feature: easy and quick installation with long service life.

  • Inflatable rescue tents
  • Decontamination
  • Flood control barriers
  • Special products
  • Water rescue
  • Customized production


Address:Mládežnická 3062/3a, 690 75 Břeclav, Czech Republic
Phone:+420 519 314 111
Fax:+420 519 322 909

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