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Letecké přístroje Praha, s.r.o.

Company profile


  • Design, production and service of Military Command Control Sys­tems, Navigation Systems and Diagnostic Systems
  • Development, production and service of flight instruments
  • Precision Machinery
  • Integration of digital systems of ground moving military vehicles
  • Design and integration of military radio data networks
  • Development, production and service of special terminals


  1. ISO 9001:2015 certificated by Intertek, Certificate No. 24260-06
  2. Permit to carry out foreign trade with military material pursuant to Act. No. 38/1994 Sb.
  3. Czech Aviation Authority Certificate 1321/2014 for testing of aircraft instruments
  4. Czech Aviation Authority Certificate CZ.145.0055 pursuant EC No. 2042/2003 Part 145 for maintenance of aircraft instruments
  5. Czech Aviation Authority Certificate CAA CZ.21G.0024 pursuant EC No. 748/2012 Part 21
  6. Czech Aviation Authority Certificate L-NP 013 for design of aircraft instruments
  7. AQAP 2110 certificated by Czech Standardization, Codification and Government Quality Assurance Authority, Certificate No. 15/7-2018
  8. Czech National Security Authority Clearance No. 001410 – level CONFIDENTIAL
  9. Authorization to manufacture military aircraft units MAA 044 pursuant to ČOS 174005 (EMAR 21)


  • Type of company: Limited liability company
  • Number of employees: 30
  • Foundation: 6. January 1993
  • Turnover: cca 50 mil. CZK
  • Registered capital: cca 22 mil. CZK


Business relations with many countries of the European Union, Israel, USA and other countries around the world.


  • Military Command and Control Systems
  • Navigation systems for on ground moving military vehicles
  • Moving Map Commander Display Unit – MMCDU
  • Diagnostic systems for ground moving military vehicles
  • Aviation Linear Actuators
  • Flight instruments: RPM Sensors/Indicators, Rate-of-Turn indicators, accelerometers, compasses
  • Design and integration of data networks of on ground moving military vehicles including radio data networks
  • Development, production and service of special terminals


Head of the company:Mr. Jan Thomas
Address:Pod Hájkem 406/1, 180 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic
Phone:+420 296 587 108

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