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THE PRODUCTION HISTORY OF ČZ STRAKONICE FIREARMS. In September, 1919 the first factories were built under the name The South Bohemian Armory in Strakonice in the south of the Czech Republic. They took over the production of the Firearms. This merger resulted in the new trademark ČZ (in a circle). 

Pre-World War II. The majority of products were for military and professional forces. Realizing the growing danger of war in the 1936s, and considering that Strakonice was about an hour drive from the Austrian and German borders, the company relocated in Uherský Brod in the eastern part of the country. 

World War II. During World War II firearms manufacturing con­tinued but the production range consisted of firearms designed and made in German armouries. 

Post-World War II. In 1954 the entire firearms production was, for safety, moved to the branch plant in Uherský Brod. Because of political and economic changes in 1989 in the Czech Republic the plant in Uherský Brod became independent. They continued to use the original trademark until 1992 when they registered their own - ČZ UB. 

Modern ČZ Stakonice History. When ČZ Strakonice production resumed in the first half of 1990 the company was divided into several divisions and firearms were allocated to ČZ Strojirna Ltd. ČZ Strojirna Ltd. produced 50,000 M6 for the U.S. Army Between 1993 to 2001. 

LUVO Prague Ltd. LUVO Prague Ltd. (LUVO Firearms) took over firearms production from ČZ Strojirna Ltd. in 2006. The company continues to use the trademark ČZ (in a circle) and produced Pistols, Assault Rifles, Semi-automatic Snipers, Semi-automatic Rifles and Grenade launchers in calibre 40x46.


The company has its representatives and supplies its products to more than half of the world‘s countries. Weapons of our own production like pistols, semi-automatic, automatic and sniper rifles are used in more than 80 countries in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.


The company offers small arms:

  • automatic, semiautomatic and sport rifles in 16 different calibers, brand names: LA-15, LA-16, LA-10, LA-110 SASS and piston rifles brand names LA-15A2, LA-16A2, LA-10A2, LA-110A2 SASS
  • grenade launchers in caliber 40x46
  • pistols brand name ČZ ST9, ČZ TT22, ČZ TT9, ČZ TT40, ČZ TT45
  • direct deliveries of own products to armed forces
  • supplies of parts to foreign partners
  • technical support and service


Head of the company:Mr. Jan Luxík
Address:Rejskova 1007/7, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Phone:+420 222 562 238

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