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The University of Defence is the most significant teaching and research centre of the Czech Republic Ministry of Defence. Being a state university, it educates military professionals for the Czech military forces and civilian experts for the national security system, defence and security industry and public administration. 

It provides the students with education in accredited Bachelor‘s, Master‘s and doctoral degree programmes in engineering, management, and health fields. 

The programmes are available primarily for military students. Civilian students study at the Faculty of Military Technology in its engineering programmes. The University of Defence is also a lifelong learning centre and is open to international students as well.


  • Type of company: budgetary organisation


The University of Defence maintains close relations to most military colleges and universities both in and outside Europe. Primarily, cooperation focuses on the military forces and education/research institutions of the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance member countries and the Visegrad Four Group nations. It is a regular participant in Erasmus+ international exchange programme and the international programmes offered by NATO/EU military schools within military education.

The University of Defence has involved in numerous international research and development programmes. As a part, University’s faculty members represent the Czech Republic to NATO and European Defence Agency expert panels and working groups.

The University of Defence has engaged in European Union‘s Structural Funds projects, too. These contribute to study programmes innovation as well as to teaching/laboratory pool upgrades belonging to the particular Faculty.


  • Education of specialists for security and defence industry and cyber defence (Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD. degrees)
  • Short training courses in the fields of information, communication, defence, security, logistic or medical technology
  • Basic and/or applied research


Head of the company:Brigadier General Bohuslav Přikryl
Address:Kounicova 65, 662 10 Brno, Czech Republic
Phone:+420  973  444  950
Fax:+420 973 442 160

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