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MESIT Holding a.s., Uherské Hradiště

PUBLIKOVÁNO: 23/04/2012

MESIT holding is one of the largest Czech private business groups, with subsidiaries active in electronics, metal production and casting industries.

The history the MESIT trademark officially began in 1968, but its corporate tradition dates back to early 1950’s. The company has undergone rapid technical and investment developments from early on.

Until 1990, 95 % of the production was directed towards instrumentation and electronics for aviation industry. Research and development base was systematically built, the company with 3,000 employees made over 1200 self-designed products, which were used not only in all programs of the Czechoslovak aviation industry (L410, L39, L159, L610 aircraft) but also on the rail, in mining and automotive industries, as well as in industrial process control.

In early 1990’s, business in aviation industry virtually came to a halt, resulting in a major loss of markets. To maintain professional and technical integrity, prevent loss of experts and preserve economic conditions, the company was restructured. It gave rise to independently profiled companies within the MESIT holding group. Their economic power and manufacturing strength was demonstrated during floods in 1997, when the whole MESIT site was flooded up to 2.5 m.

Nowadays, MESIT holding is a group of companies integrated through capital and technology, with 976 employees and an annual turnover of 1,500 million CZK. Manufacturing and utility potential is concentrated in a single area, comprehensively equipped with necessary infrastructure.


Manufacturing companies – electric engineering

•  MESIT přístroje develops and manufactures devices and precision mechanics for civil and military aviation equipment, military land forces equipment, transportation equipment and industrial applications.

•  DICOM develops and manufactures a complete range of high quality products for voice and data communications, precise time and frequency equipment and special electronics for high-profile government entities such as the army and the police.

•  MESIT PCB is a leading Czech manufacturer of multilayer printed circuit boards.


Manufacturing companies – mechanical engineering

•  FIMES is equipped with the latest equipment for production of precision castings and molds for injection molding and pressure die casting, delivering high quality castings to the customer.

•  MESIT ronex is a manufacturer of precision machined parts using CNC turning and milling technology, but also a producer of simple assemblies and sub-assemblies. The production is mainly for telecommunications and electrical industries, and for ​​vacuum technology.

•  MESIT povrchové ochrany has many years of experience in electroplating, chemical plating and wet painting for aviation and electronics industries.

•  AIR ČENKOV specializes on solenoid air valves for automotive industry.


Trading company

•  AERO TRADE focuses on export and import of aviation, simulation and military equipment, overhaul and modernization of aircraft.


Utility companies

•  MESIT reality provides rental of buildings, administration, security, energy and other services on the MESIT premises.

•  MESIT ekologie provides services in the environmental field.

•  Střední škola MESIT offers studies and apprenticeships (including for pupils with special educational needs), a college for further education, and provides human resources to MESIT holding and other companies.


The MESIT holding group companies meet the demanding requirements of international standards for military and aerospace technology. They are regularly audited and certified in quality management, environmental management and access to classified information.

Major business partners include the Czech army and police. The companies trade with numerous countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and are involved in international projects.

The MESIT holding is a member of the Czech Defence and Security Industries Association, the Czech Association Of Aviation Manufacturers and the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

The main strategy of the MESIT holding group is maximum responsiveness to customers, high quality products, guaranteed service, guaranteed long-term production of spare parts and implementing of the latest developments.

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